Bulk Updater: Update the properties of your AODocs documents

Bulk Updater is a web application that allows you to update in bulk the properties (also called metadata) of your AODocs documents.

Important: Only library administrators and super administrators can use Bulk Updater.

Update the properties of your AODocs library

Important: If you want to apply filters based on columns in your spreadsheet, first make the hidden columns visible.

- Before updating the properties of your AODocs library, you need to run an export. Learn more: Export properties from your AODocs library
- Only the person who performed the export can run the update. You can share the spreadsheet with other users, who can update the values of the properties. However, these users get an error message if they try to run an update.

1. In the exported spreadsheet, select the Bulk Updater custom menu, then select Show Update Menu.


2. In the Authorization required pop-up, press Continue and then Allow to grant permission to run Bulk Updater. The Bulk Updater side bar appears with the export information.

Learn more: Bulk Updater: Permissions.

Note: You must authorize Bulk Updater each time you want to show the Run update menu.

3. Check the documents and values of properties exported in the spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet:

  • each row represents an AODocs document
  • columns A and B are reserved for Bulk Updater — they're hidden by default and should not be modified
  • the other columns hold values of the properties exported from AODocs, which you can modify
  • the last two columns are reserved for Bulk Updater — they're used to give feedback after the update
  • grayed out columns are AODocs system properties and workflow state, they can't be modified.

A notification appears if you try to edit columns you shouldn't modify. You're recommended not to modify system parameters. The document update ignores modified system properties. 

4. Update the properties manually in the cells. You can update only the white columns.

Important: While updating the values of the properties in the spreadsheet, make sure you follow the formatting rules required by Bulk Updater. If you update the value of a property in an incorrect format, the property won't be updated.

5. To prevent the updater from changing the last modification date of the document in AODocs, select the Preserve the last modification date field check-box. If you don't, the last modification date of the document will be set to the current date.

6. Press the Update button. When the update is running, the button is grayed out until the update is finished.


Notes about import speed:
- The time Bulk Updater takes to run the import mainly depends on the number of lines to update.
- Each line to update takes about 3 seconds (depending on how your domain is configured).
- Skipped lines take less than a second.

7. At the end of the update, you receive an email from Bulk Updater (system@bulk-updater.aodocs.com).
The email has a link to the Google spreadsheet (owned by system@bulk-updater.aodocs.com) containing the exported documents.


8. Check the two last columns in the Google spreadsheet (Status, Reason). They indicate the status of the document update process.

These are the possible values of the Status and Reason columns:




The document was successfully updated.


Bulk Updater ignored the document because it hadn't been modified.


The document wasn't updated due to an error during the update.


You don’t have edit rights on this document.


The user who ran the update isn't recognized by AODocs.


AODocs was temporarily unreachable. You need to relaunch the update.


AODocs couldn't find the document — it may have been deleted between the export and the update.


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