Manage document attachments in Document Management libraries

Attachments are files stored in Google Drive, owned by the storage account of the library. Attachments are elements of an AODOcs document. Learn more: What are document attachments?

Documents in Document Management libraries can have no attachments, one attachment or several attachments. 

In Document Management libraries, you can:

Attach, upload or create files in AODocs documents
Rename attachments
 Remove attachments

Note: Some actions for managing attachments are available in all types of library

Attach, upload or create files in AODocs documents

1. Open an AODocs document in a Document Management library.

2. Select Attach a file in the sidebar or press Edit and scroll down to Attachments.

You can:

  • Attach a file from your Google Drive or computer
  • Upload and convert a Microsoft Office file from your computer - the file will be converted to the corresponding Google format
  • Create a new Google file (Docs, Sheets or Slides)


3. If you select Attach, the Google Drive file picker opens where you can:

  • drag and drop files from your computer
  • select files from your computer
  • select files stored in your Google Drive

Note: The Google Drive file picker displays only the files you are the owner of.


4. Choose one or more files and press Upload

5. If you select Upload and convert, your computer file picker opens. Select a Microsoft Office file to upload.


The Microsoft file is converted to the corresponding Google file format and attached to the document. It is displayed in the sidebar.


6. If you select Create, a pop-up opens. Select the type of file to create: Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides. Enter the name of your new file and press Create.


7. The newly attached file is displayed in the sidebar of your AODocs document.

Note: When you upload a file from your computer or create a new Google file:
- the file is first uploaded to your Google Drive - you are the owner
- then ownership of the file is transferred to the storage account of the library

Rename attachments

1. Open an AODocs document in a Document Management library.

2. Press the Edit button. 


3. Scroll down to Attachments.

4. Press the Edit button next to the attachment you want to rename. 

5. Enter a new name for your attachment.

6. Validate or cancel your change using the check mark or cross button. 

7. Press Save.


Remove attachments

1. Open an AODocs document in a Document Management library.

2. Press the Edit button.

2. Scroll down to Attachments.

3. Press the red trash button next to the attachment you want to delete.

Note: Before saving, you can cancel your action by pressing the red backward arrow. Once you have removed an attachment from a document, you can't restore it.

4. Press Save.



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