Cath test

Articles always have an introduction. This is an introduction. 


This is a title
This is another title

This is a title 

This is my first article. 


Tip: This is a handy tip.

Note: This is a note.

Note: The checked out feature uses a different type of lock, so checked out documents are not displayed here. 

Try to use lead in lines with bullet lists so users can:

  • read easily
  • understand quickly
  • eat their breakfast whilst reading the doc

What do tables look like?

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Muesli Salad Pizza


They look quite good!


Important: This is important for you to know.


This is normal text.

- Trying to make lists in notes work.
- It's working ok now.


This is another title 

This is normal text.

Reserve a meeting. 



Animated gif:



Note: Having trouble with notes.




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