Share documents in your Document Management library

To share a document with other users, the Share permission must be attributed to you in the document. 

1. Select the document or folder you want to share.

2. Press the Share button. 


3. The Document permissions pop-up opens. Enter the name or email address of the user (or group) you want to share with. Then press Add.


4. Select the permissions for the user (or group):

  • Read: users can view the document's properties and attachments
  • Comment: users can comment in the document
  • Write: users can edit the document's properties, rename the document, move the document to a different folder, and add or remove an attachment
  • Delete: users can delete the document
  • Share: users can modify the document's access rights

5. You can check the Prevent viewers from downloading box to prevent users with read access to the document from downloading it.

6. To remove a user, press the delete button.

Note: You can't delete library administrators or permissions that are inherited from parent folders or from library settings.


7. By default, the document inherits permissions from its parent folders, or from the global library settings such as the document class or workflow. Use the Change...  drop-down menu if you want to ignore inherited permissions.

8. Save your changes.


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