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In AODocs, all your documents are stored in one or more libraries. Each library has its own configuration and allows users to do specific actions on the documents.
Learn more here: AODocs overview

To access an AODocs library, login with a google account in your browser and open the following url: https://aodocs.altirnao.comYou are redirected to the AODocs homepage.

Note: If your account does not have access to AODocs, you will be redirected to the installation page of AODocs.
Learn more here: How to install AODocs?

The AODocs homepage is composed of two main tabs:

AODocs Homepage

A search bar (3) is available to search for documents across all libraries. This search is not case sensitive (i.e. searching for “My Document” or “MY dOCumENT” returns the same result).

Searching for a document across all the libraries

The search results list displays a table with the title of the document, its last update date/time, its last update author and the name of the library containing the document. By clicking on the library name, you are redirected to the library homepage.

Example of a search result

From the AODocs homepage, you can ask for help (4):

  • Knowledge Base & Support: you are redirected to the AODocs documentation.
  • Status page: you are redirected to the AODocs status page, which displays the current status of the AODocs services, and the history of past service disruptions. The status page also allows you to subscribe to service status alerts.

Getting help from AODocs

On the top right, you can click on your email to switch between accounts and domain or sign out (5).
Learn more here:
Manage your account.

Managing your account

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