Share your library with external users

To enable an external user to access your Document Management library, you have to follow two steps.

Step 1: Contact the super administrators of the domain who are able to whitelist individual users, domains or Google groups.
Learn more: Manage external users

Step 2: Once your external user have been whitelisted, you have to add the external user in the library security section.
Learn more about managing your library security settings from the AODocs user interface: Configure your library security settings

Note: in our example,
- the super administrator of the AODocs library is Caroline,
- the external user who doesn’t have any AODocs account and wants to access Caroline’s library is

To access your library homepage, the external user will have to access the AODocs user interface.

Two options are available to make sure the external user accesses the right library directly depending on the type of library you want to share.

  • For Team Folder or Secured Folder libraries, open the Library Security tab of your library, verify that the external user is registered in the Root Folder permissions and click on the button “Push to every user’s My Drive” and “Notify users via email”.

A green bar appears on the top of the page when the notification has been sent by email to users.

Sending a notification to your external user

Below is the email notification that the external user will receive:

Email received by the external user

  • For every type of library, you can copy the URL of your AODocs library (1) and send it manually to your external user by email or chat.

Copying the URL to share the AODocs library with the external user 

Below is an example of email notification that the external user could receive:

Individualized email sent to your external user

In both cases, the external user then has to click on the link and accept the permissions required to access AODocs library homepage.

Learn more: Access an AODocs library as an external user

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