How to copy a folder structure to another library?

In Team Folders and Structured Folders libraries, you can copy a folder structure i.e a parent folder and all its subfolders, and move it into another library. The documents contained in the source folder are not copied in the new folder.

- You need to be administrator of the source and the destination libraries to perform this action.
- The folder copy is limited to a structure of 200 folders maximum. If you copy more than 200 folders, you will not be able to start the copy. 
- The existing permissions of the source folder tree are ignored. The new folders created by the copy process get the same sharing permissions as the parent folder where they are created.

Copy a folder structure

1. Go to your library and open it.

2. From the "Folders" view, select the folders to copy.

3. Click the “More action” menu.

4. Click the “Copy folder tree” action.

Select the Copy folder tree option

5. Edit the name of the new folder.

6. Click "Copy".


Export the new folder to a library

1. Select the new created folder.

2. Click the “More action” menu.

3. Click the "Export" action.

Export the new folder

4. Select the "Transfer to another library" option.

5. In the drop-down menu, select the recipient library.

Select the library 

6. Click "Export".
An "Export" folder is automatically created with the date and the the hour of the export.

- An "Export" folder is automatically created for each export with the date and the hour of the action.
- If you perform 3 exports, you will have 3 different "Export" folders. 
The administrator of the library is notified of the document export.

Move your new folder 

You can move your new folder from the "Export" folder.

1. Open the "Export" folder.

2. Hover over the new folder you want to move.
A down arrow displays.

3. Click the down arrow and select "Move to...".

Move your folder

4. Select the folder where you want to move your new folder.

5. Click "Apply".
   The new folder is no longer available from the "Export" folder.

Note: You can delete the "Export" folder. Learn more here: Delete a folder.


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