Introducing AODocs reporting in Google Slides with the new Slides API

Understanding how users interact with your company’s Google Drive content is an important part of document management. Although we track user activity in the audit log, we’ve been thinking of ways to give you better insight into how your users are adopting AODocs within your company.

Thanks to the new Google Slides API, we’ve come up with a way to help you produce reporting tools and give you visibility into AODocs usage and adoption. Charts and reports built from your AODocs audit log will automatically be pulled into a Google slide.

How it works
The new reporting module runs once a day to analyze your AODocs libraries and domain activity. It then updates reporting slides with the most up-to-date data, and also compares your company’s usage with global data averaged on the largest 40 AODocs customers. You can access the slide in just one click from the AODocs administration menu.




Why it’s useful

One of the reasons we all love Google Slides (and Drive, for that matter) is because we’re able to collaborate and make updates to our work in real-time. We took the same approach with the AODocs integration with Slides. Instead of throwing static screen shots from a reporting page into your presentation, you can make quick changes before you present, take individual slides from the reporting deck and insert them elsewhere, and of course, share it with anyone you want. This much more dynamic way of reporting is all possible because of the Google Slides API.

Sign up for the beta

We’re launching this new feature in beta soon, so if you’re interested in trying it out and joining our beta program, you can sign up using this form. Your feedback will be valuable as we prepare to launch the feature publicly early next year.

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