Roles in Workplace connector

This article details the different roles available and needed in the Workplace connector:



Roles required to install the AODocs to Workplace connector

The installation of the AODocs to Workplace connector happens in the Workplace Integration section.

To install the integration the Workplace admin role "System Administrator" is required.

Once installed in Workplace, the connector requires additional configuration in the connector interface.

Roles required to configure the AODocs to Workplace connector

By default, the Workplace "System administrator" who installed the integration is added as an administrator of the connector. The system's administrator's email address is added, to the list of "Application Users" (see below). The authentication to the connector interface is done using the Google account associated with the email address of the user listed.

Additional users can be added to configure the connector in the "Application users" section of the connector:

Roles required to use the AODocs to Workplace connector

Once the integration installed and configured, users will see the preview button in the Workplace interface.

The connector checks the access of the email address of the Workplace user against the access in the AODocs library.

The workplace's email address has to correspond to a G Suite (primary email address) used in AODocs to provide access to the different documents.

Users who do not have access to the AODocs link from a post will keep on seeing the preview button.

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