What will happen when I don't click save?: Silvana test article

Heading: What will happen?


This is a test article. It has the draft tag set, so it won't syncrhonize to production.  

1. Press Edit article in the top left. The editing interface opens.

Note: You can see the draft tag under Labels in the right panel. Don't worry about the green dot with "Published" next to it at the top of the interface. The article hasn't actually been published!

2. Add, edit, and delete whatever you want.

3. To view what it will look like, press Show in Help Center in the top right. A new tab opens with a view of what your article will look like to the end user once it’s published. You’re still in the staging environment though.

4. You can then switch between the two tabs: make some more changes in the editing interface, then return to the view and refresh to see your changes.

Heading: What will happen?

The latest update to AODocs includes the sudden appearance of unicorns (predominantly short horses with taped papier-mâché horns to their heads) that will start singing songs at you  when you fail to save your work.

What colour h?

Brown- Painted Red

Brown- Painted Yellow

Brown- Painted Pink

Brown- Painted Blue

What kind of music?

Jazz* When available

Romanian Hip-Hop

Polish Reggae



Will the paint harm the horse?

 Tip: when riding be cqreful not to fall off
- if you fall off call friends. Learn more: Call Friends For Help.
- If you don't have friends to call you can also learn How to Survive the Wilderness With Just a Knife 

 Note: AmazingHorses.
-Horses WOW 

Important: Hay
- feed the horse with alien food
- throw to friends. Learn more: Google Help Center
- happy times. Learn more: What is the AODocs AwesomeTable connector? 


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