What is the AODocs AwesomeTable connector?

AwesomeTable is a popular web application that displays data from a Google spreadsheet as various types of attractive views, such as cards, maps, table and gantt views.

One of the most popular ways our customers use AODocs is to publish content that has been created in Google Drive and validated with AODocs.

Combining AODocs with AwesomeTable allows your users to export AODocs views data to a Google Sheet and customize the way they display that published content on company intranets or on any website, including on the new version of Google Sites.

Tips: For more information about customizing the display of your views check out the AwesomeTable website.

To understand how to use the AwesomeTable connector.
Learn more: AwesomeTable connector: User guide

Being a Google Sheets add-on, the connector requires its own permissions to work.
Learn more: AwesomeTable connector: Permissions & Limitations


Tips: AweseomeTable connector also allows you to synchronize the content of your library into a Google Sheet. Useful for dashboard, monitoring or for Appscript :)

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