UFO V1.0 Release notes

Dear UFO users,

We’re pleased to announce a new version (1.0) of the Universal File Opener! This version is a public beta. A stable version will be released in the next few months.

The Universal File Opener (UFO) will be available for free during the beta. After the public release, paying AODocs customers can continue to use all UFO features for as long as their AODocs subscription remains active. Other users can purchase UFO for a fee.

Below you will find the improvements and bug fixes in UFO Version 1.0. 

UFO now locks your files when editing
UFO in AODocs
UFO allows you to open files in read-only when offline

UFO now locks your files when editing

With this new version of UFO, you can lock your files and edit them, avoiding concurrent changes by other users.

  • Opening a file shared with another user automatically locks it for one hour.
  • Saving a file already locked (by the current user) extends the lock for one hour.
  • Selecting the red padlock in the Cached files allows you to unlock the file.


UFO in AODocs

UFO in AODocs allows you to open and edit non-Google files of any size (no 32 MB limit) from the AODocs interface directly on your computer.

UFO 1.0 will be fully integrated in the AODocs interface. The integration will be rolled out progressively over a few days following the release of new version, so your users may not get the new version immediately.
Once the UFO integration in AODocs is available for you, and if the UFO extension is installed in your Chrome browser, you will see a UFO button on all non-Google files.

UFO allows you to open files in read-only when offline

When offline, if a file has already been opened and is available in your Cached files, you will be allowed to open this file in read-only from the:

  • Google Drive interface
  • Cached files panel of the extension 

Coming soon

In the next release - End of July

  • If the UFO extension 1.0 is not installed in Chrome or you use another browser - in the AODocs interface, there will still be some improvements to the existing Open in office feature:
    • Open and edit Office files without requiring the Smartbar extension (the 32 MB limit remains in this case).
    • This new version of the Open in Office feature won’t support versions of Microsoft Office older than 2013 (but UFO will).
    • The feature will be available in any browser, not just Chrome.
  • Prompt users to install or activate UFO: If UFO is not installed or activated, you will see the Edit file button on all files anyway, and a prompt containing instructions to install UFO will be displayed if you click the button.
    If you don’t want your domain’s users to see the Edit file button until the UFO extension is installed for them, please fill in this form.
  • Install UFO at domain level
  • UFO integrated in the Smartbar extension

If you find have any feedback or issues, you can submit a ticket on our support site.
Thank you in advance and enjoy this new version! We look forward to hearing what you think.

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