Apply uniform permissions to all files and folders in your Team Folder or Secured Folder

The AODocs Smartbar allows library administrators to prevent users from modifying files and subfolders permissions.
Learn more: Install the AODocs Smartbar

1. In Google Drive, open an AODocs library where you are defined as a library administrator.

2. Press the gear button and select Security center.


3. In the Security center window, select the Permissions tab.

4. Uncheck the checkbox Allow permissions to be changed at the subfolder and file levels.
   A warning appears to explain the consequences of a uniform permission model.

5. Press Confirm. The warning pop-up closes.

6. Press Done.


Note: You may experience some delay to see the changes applied because AODocs needs to update the Google Drive permissions on every file in the Team Folder or Secured Folder. For example, for a library with thousands of documents, it can take several hours before the change is fully effective.

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