Create custom scripts

Administrators can add custom features to their libraries using custom scripts.

 Define the type of custom script you need
Create a custom script

If you need guidance to configure and implement your custom scripts, the AODocs Service Team would be happy to help you organize a design workshop and find solutions to automate your processes. 
Contact your AODocs Sales Representative or send an email to

Define the type of custom script you need

A custom script is java code fragment configured in the AODocs administration interface. Custom scripts allow library administrators to carry out specific actions on their libraries that are not available in out of the box features in AODocs.

There are five different custom scripts:

  • Viewer Action: This custom script is executed when users select a custom action in the document action bar.
  • Workflow Transition Action: This custom script is executed when a workflow transition is performed, when the document leaves a workflow state or enters a workflow state.
  • Update Action: This custom script is executed when the document is updated.
    Note: Edits on attachments don't trigger the update action.
  • Relation Render Action: This custom script is executed when users load the relation section of a document page. It can hide or display related documents.
  • Relation Filter: This custom script prevents users to add specific documents as a related item. It is filtering the list of documents that can be added as related documents.



Create a custom script

To create a new custom script:

1. Open the library administration interface and select Custom scripts.

2. Press <Add new value> and name your script.

3. Select the custom script type: Viewer ActionWorkflow Transition ActionUpdate ActionRelation Render Action or Relation Filter.


4. Press the Edit icon to rename your script.

Note: You can't change the type of an existing script.

5. Press the name of your custom script to configure it.

6. Configure your custom script.

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