Google Sheets Add-on: Turn your AODocs content into customizable displays with AwesomeTable

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve released the beta version of our AwesomeTable connector.

One of the most popular ways our customers use our product is to publish content that has been created in Google Drive and validated with AODocs. We’ve found AwesomeTable to be a powerful tool that allows you to customize the way you display that published content on company intranets or on any website, including on the new version of Google Sites.

Now, with the AwesomeTable connector, you can easily sync the content of your AODocs library with a Google Sheet to display it in any way you want—in a chart, card view, Google Maps, and more.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the add-on from your Google Sheet.
  2. Select your library in AODocs.
  3. Select the AODocs view you want to display.
  4. Name your custom view.
  5. Click the link to see your new AwesomeTable view.
  6. Your AwesomeTable will always sync back to Sheets to make sure it’s showing the latest version of your content.

Want to learn more about this add-on? Check out our AwesomeTable Connector user guide.


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