Google Chrome usage recommendations

AODocs is fully integrated with the Google Chrome browser.
With the chrome extension “AODocs Smartbar”, you get AODocs features right in the Gmail and Google Drive interface. The chrome extension “AODocs Smartbar” is available only with a Google Chrome browser.

Google Chrome basics and AODocs recommendations
Install Google Chrome browser
 Associate an account to a Google Chrome session
Switch between Google Chrome sessions

Google Chrome basics and AODocs recommendations

Google Chrome Profile
Google Chrome allows you to sign into your browser with your Google Account to synchronize your bookmarks, extensions, history, passwords, and other settings on all your devices.
Learn more about Google Chrome Sync: Sync Chrome data across devices

In Google Chrome you can also create different profiles that allows you to segregate the different users.
Learn more: Share Chrome with others or add a profile

Google accounts log in
In a Google Chrome profile, you can log in with multiple Google accounts.

image01.pngChrome profile with multiple Google accounts

However, AODocs recommends that you log in to only ONE Google account per Google Chrome Profile.

This recommendation ensures that the data associated with your Google account is not mixed with other Google accounts data, often resulting in issues in the different Google Services.

Note: If Google Sync is enabled on your Google Chrome Profile, use the same Google account to log in.


Install Google Chrome browser

1. Access Google Chrome website.

2. Download Google Chrome.

3. Launch the .exe file.

4. Follow the instructions to install Google Chrome.


Associate an account to a Google Chrome session

1. At the top-right corner of the Google Chrome window, click the the character button.

2. Click “Sign in to Chrome”.

3. Enter your account email and its password.

4. You can then “Link data” or “Create a new profile”. By clicking “Link data” your current bookmarks and settings will be associated to the account. By clicking “Create a new profile”, you will start with a “Virgin” session with default settings.

Tip: If you open the same session on other devices all the settings, bookmarks and history will be retrieved.

- You can only associate a Google account with a Google Chrome session.
- Once you associated an account to a chrome session, do not log into other accounts from this session. Use one account per profile.
- If you need to use another account, associate this account to a new profile.


Switch between Google Chrome sessions

1. At the top-right corner of the Google Chrome window, click your account name.
2. Click on “Manage people”. (See the screenshot above)
3. A pop-up appears where you can set a new session by clicking “ADD PERSON”.


4. Set the session name and icon then click “SAVE”.
5. The new session opens. Reproduce the steps of the paragraph “Associate an account to a Google Chrome session”.
6. You can then access the other session by clicking the account name at the top-right corner.


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