Manage folders in Document Management libraries

When you create a document class in a Document Management library, folders aren't configured by default.

Note: In Team Folder libraries and Secured Folder libraries, folders are configured for the default document class that is created when you create your library. In Secured Folder libraries, folders are configured by default for each new document class you create.

This article explains how to configure folders and manage folder structure in your Document Management libraries.

Enable folders in a document class
Add Browse by Folder to a view
Manage your folders


Important: You can't view and navigate the folder structure of Document Management libraries in Google Drive.

Enable folders in a document class

1. Open the library administration interface.

2. Select Document classes.

3. Press the name of a document class to open it.


2. Select the With folder attribute checkbox.

Tip: By default, the value of the field next to With folder attribute is Folder. This means Browse by Folder will be available your view configuration. You can enter another name in the field if required.


3. Press Save and close.

Note: You can't manage folders until you have added Browse by Folder to a view.

Add Browse by Folder to a view

1. Open the library administration interface.

2. Under Views, create a view or open an existing view by pressing its name. Make sure the class for which you enabled folders is assigned to the view.


2. Scroll down to User filters. In the Browse by drop-down list, select Folder.

3. If required, select the checkbox Include documents from subfolders.

If you don't select this option, when users navigate the folders from the view, they will see the child folder structure and the child documents of the selected folder. This behavior is close to the behavior of standard file explorers.

If you select this option, when users navigate the folders from the view, they will see all the child documents in the selected folder without seeing the child folder structure.
For example, if you select the root folder, the view will display all the documents in the library. 


4. Press Save.

5. Scroll up and press Open View.


6. The view now has Browse by Folder in the sidebar.


Important: If you enable folders in more than one document class, the folder structure will be shared by all document classes.

Manage your folders

The following folder management options are available from the view:

To create a new folder:

1. From the view with Browse by Folder, select New Folder in the drop-down menu next to the folder where you want to add a subfolder.


2. Enter the name of the new folder and press Create.


3. You can now move documents into the newly created folder.

NoteAll documents that were created before you created folders are located at the root folder level.

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