Delete folders

In the AODocs user interface, you can delete folders that you have permission to edit.

Once a folder is deleted, it goes to the AODocs library trash. The folder and its content stay in the library trash until the defined library retention period or manually permanently deleted by a library administrator.
Additionally, a library administrator can also restore the folder.


To delete a folder:

1. Access an AODocs view and select a folder.

2. In the AODocs toolbar, click the trash button.


3. A confirmation message opens. Press Delete.


- As a contributor, you can only delete content that you can edit. For example, if you delete a folder containing read-only documents and edit-access documents, only the edit-access documents are sent to the library trash. The folder and the read-only documents it contains aren't deleted.
- Administrators can restore deleted folders and documents. Learn more: Manage deleted documents and folders.

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