UFO change log

This article lists all the updates made to the Universal File Opener (UFO) since version 1.0 (3 July 2017).

UFO 1.7
UFO 1.5
UFO 1.4
UFO 1.3
UFO 1.2
UFO 1.1
UFO 1.0


Details of the releases:

5 February 2019 (1.7)


  • Open file button is no longer displayed on Google files
  • Better handling of files with non-latin characters

3 December 2018 (1.5)


  • New Drive page structure support

11 June 2018 (1.4)

Minor release:

  • In the AODocs Smartbar context: enable UFO in the Drive file preview
  • Better handling special characters in the Open file notification

21 March 2018 (1.3)

Major release: UFO 1.3

  • Technical improvements
  • New specific Chrome notification if user is logged out
  • Fixed possible issue when using UFO in the AODocs interface

26 February 2018 (1.2)

Major release: UFO 1.2
Learn more: UFO V1.2 Release notes

11 December 2017 (1.1.3)


  • The workaround for the Google Drive API issue was not complete for Team Drives. It's now fixed.

7 December 2017 (version 1.1.2)


  • A bug introduced in the Google Drive Application Programming Interface (API) broke all features of UFO. This version introduces a workaround to restore all features.

6 December 2017 (version 1.1.1)


  • Support all types of proxy configuration on Windows (except when a password is required)
  • Use the system proxy when possible on macOs (only static proxies are supported)

25 July 2017 (version 1.1)

Major release: UFO 1.1
UFO integration with the Smartbar and AODocs.

3 July 2017 (version 1.0)

Major release: UFO 1.0
Learn more: UFO V1.0 Release notes

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