AODocs Smartbar change log

This article lists all the updates made to the AODocs Smartbar since version 4.2 (7 July 2016).

Below is a list of the major versions of the Smartbar:

Smartbar 11.0
Smartbar 10.0
Smartbar 9.0
Smartbar 8.0
Smartbar 7.0
Earlier versions

Details of major releases and hotfixes:

21 March 2019 (11.0)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 11.0

16 January 2019 (10.0)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 10.0

29 November 2018 (9.1)

Hotfix: Restore the Smartbar features that were lost due to changes in the structure of the Google Drive page.

23 October 2018 (9.0)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 9.0
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V9.0 Release notes.

8 August 2018 (8.0)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 8.0
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V8.0 Release notes.

11 June 2018 (7.0)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 7.0
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V7.0 Release notes.

28 March 2018 (6.2.1)

Hotfix: Fix the truncated page-action popup displayed on MacOS.

19 March 2018 (6.2)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 6.2
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V6.2 Release notes

8 February 2018 (6.1)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 6.1
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V6.1 Release notes

19 December 2017 (6.0.1)

Hotfix: Fix the Smartbar authentication process for users on Chrome version 60 or lower.

18 December 2017 (6.0)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 6.0
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V6.0 Release notes

6 September 2017 (5.3.3)

Hotfix: Searching in the trash of AODocs libraries has been restored.

1 August 2017 (5.3.2)

Hotfix: Opening Microsoft Office files on macOS without UFO installed has be reinstated.

27 July 2017 (5.3.1)

Hotfix: AODocs WebDav client support has been reintroduced to open Office files with a Microsoft Office version before 2010 SP.

24 July 2017 (5.3)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 5.3
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V5.3 Release notes

7 June 2017 (5.2)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 5.2
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V5.2 Release notes

19 May 2017 (5.1.3)

Hotfix: Following a Google Drive interface change, broken document titles have been fixed for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

30 March 2017 (5.1.2)

Hotfix: As AODocs does not support Team Drive content, we removed the Smartbar buttons from Team Drive folders and from files stored in Team Drive.

23 March 2017 (5.1.1)

Hotfix: Subfolders are displayed when a user wants to import a document in an AODocs library (fixes a bug in the Google Drive picker).

20 March 2017 (5.1)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 5.1
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V5.1 Release notes

8 February 2017 (5.0.3)

Hotfix: Bug fixes on Drive NEW menu.

31 January 2017 (5.0.2)

Hotfix: Prevent error messages from being displayed in unsupported Gmail pages.

25 January 2017 (5.0.1)


  • If the extensions "Cirrus Insight" and AODocs Smartbar are installed, the icons of both extensions are displayed correctly.
  • The import to AODocs feature now works properly if:
         - the user is writing an email in a modal
         - the first email of a Gmail conversation has been deleted
  • If the Preview Pane lab is activated in Gmail, the Smartbar disables the feature to import emails. 

Note: We are scheduling a new version of the Smartbar, to support the Preview Pane lab interface.

23 January 2017 (5.0)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 5.0
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V5.0 Release notes

16 December 2016 (4.4.2)

Hotfix: Bug fixes.

6 December 2016 (4.4.1)

Hotfix: Fixed an issue with the display of Smartbar buttons of the Drive search.

26 October 2016 (4.4)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 4.4
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V4.4 Release notes

19 September 2016 (4.3)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 4.3
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V4.3 Release notes

1 September 2016 (4.2.4)

Hotfix: Fixed an issue which caused the impossibility for few users to be identified by the Smartbar.

26 August 2016 (4.2.3)

Hotfix: Drag & drop feature (from a PC to Drive) fixed in Secured Folders.

18 August 2016 (4.2.2)

Hotfix: Drive issue with the search feature with the new interface is now fixed and the search occurs when users press Enter.

18 August 2016 (4.2.1)

Hotfixes: Following the new Google Drive interface, AODocs Smartbar features in the top zone have been fixed:

  • the Library picker is restored
  • The drag & drop feature (from PC to Drive) is fixed in Secured Folders, etc.

7 July 2016 (4.2)

Major release: AODocs Smartbar 4.2
Learn more: AODocs Smartbar V4.2 Release notes

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