Configure a category hierarchy

A category is a type of field you can assign to a custom property in an AODocs document.

A category is composed of a set of defined values. Learn more: Create categories.
Category values can have several hierarchical sublevels. For example, the category Location may have three sublevels: Continent, Country and Town.

As an administrator, when you define the list of values for your category, you can:

Create category sublevels
Remove category sublevels

Create category sublevels

1. Open the library administration interface.

2. Under Categories, choose a category and select Define values.

3. Create new values if the list is empty. Select the name of the category value for which you want to create a sublevel.

4. In the pop-up, enter the name of your category sublevel and press OK.


5. From your new category sublevel, you can:

  • use the links in the breadcrumbs to navigate from one category sublevel to another
  • rename the category sublevel name by selecting the pencil icon on the top right
  • add, edit or delete values
  • set values to outdated so users can no longer select these values


6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you have created your category hierarchy.

7. If you have a complex hierarchy to define, you can add your hierarchical list of values automatically using a CSV file.

Remove category sublevels

If you decide to remove all the values of a category sublevel individually, the sublevel still exists but it's empty.

To remove an empty category sublevel, under Categories, choose a category and select Remove empty sublevels.

Note: Only the category sublevels without any values are removed.


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