Notification emails sent by AODocs

AODocs can send automated notifications. Below is a list of notification emails AODocs can send.

Sender name
Email address
Purpose of the email 
AODocs Workflow Validation
Email type sent to document approvers in workflows
Learn more: Configure workflow notifications

AODocs Workflow Notification

Email type sent to notify users that a document workflow state has changed
Learn more: Configure workflow notifications

AODocs Composite Library Creation

Email type sent after a Document Management library has been successfully created by email
Learn more: Create your first Document Management Library
AODocs Document Creation
Email type sent after a document has been successfully created by email
Learn more: Create AODocs documents from emails
AODocs Document Discard
Email sent after an administrator has discarded a checked out document
Learn more: Cancel the check-out of a document
AODocs Custom Scripts
Email sent by custom scripts
AODocs Export
Email sent after a completed export
Learn more: Export documents to a library
AODocs Sharing Request
Sharing request notification
Learn more: Redirect permission requests to library administrators
AODocs Drive Push
Push to My Drive notification
Learn more: Push AODocs Team Folder or Secured Folder to User's My Drive
AODocs Licensing
Low license count notification
Learn more: Manage user licenses

Other system notifications

User who send the notification + (Via AODocs)

Email sent with the Notify users option
Learn more: Notify by email users who have access to the document

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