Manage user licenses

As a super administrator, you can manage the number of user licenses defined by the subscription plan and control which user consumes licenses on the AODocs domain.
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AODocs licenses are automatically assigned to users accessing and working on documents managed by AODocs for full details you can learn more: How are user licenses counted in AODocs?

In this article, you can:

Image result for arrow icon Access the “Licensing” settings page
Image result for arrow icon Overview of your billing system
Image result for arrow icon Release licensed users


- Licenses allow users to access a document or a library managed by the AODocs domain.
- Users who only log into AODocs without accessing any library or document do not use a license.
- User licenses can only be managed by AODocs super administrators.

Access the “Licensing” settings page

  1. Go to the Domain Administration.
  2. Select “Licensing”.

Overview of your billing system

  • Number of licenses”: This number is the maximum number of licenses available in your domain.

    Note: If you are in a trial period, the value will be 0. The maximum number of users is unlimited. Once the trial expires, you can set up licenses by purchasing an AODocs subscription and activating the license code.

  • Number of users”: This number is the total number of users who are currently using a license.
  • Receive notification about licenses”: This option allows you to activate notification email which is sent out once a week when the number of licenses is under 5 user licenses or less than 2% of licenses maximum number.
    Example: You have bought 1000 licenses, when the number of remaining licenses goes below 20 (2%), then the email is sent to super administrators, once a week maximum.

Release licensed users

The “Licensed users” table displays the list of users who are using an AODocs license, i.e accessing a library or a document. When the maximum number of users is reached, new users will not be able to connect to AODocs.

You can make a license available for new users by removing users from the licensed users list. It will not impact the permissions granted to these users on the libraries.

Note: The AODocs storage accounts do not consume any license.

  1. From the “Licensed users” table, select the user to delete.
  2. Click the trash button.
    The revocation of a license is applied immediately.
  3. Click the “Confirm” button.

Releasing licenses must be done in compliance with the AODocs terms of Services.
"Each user license ordered by Customer is specific to the email address of only one User and, once granted to that User, may not be transferred or reassigned to any other user unless the User originally granted the license will no longer use the Service."

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