AODocs V38 Release notes

Dear AODocs users,

Please find below a list of AODocs 38 major new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

Copy a folder structure in your library

As a user, you can now copy a folder structure using the new button “Copy folder tree”.

This new feature will allow you to define a folder tree “template” so that you can create an empty “Project Management” structure with subfolders, and then copy this structure each time you start a new project.

Note: The copy is created in the current folder and inherits its permissions. The documents in the original tree are not copied, only the folder structure is duplicated.

Learn more here: Copy a folder structure

Change the structure of your document

It is now possible to change the order of the different sections of a document with the new editor.

For instance you can decide to display the document’s rich text description at the top of the document view, followed by the document properties, and finally the attached files at the bottom.

Learn more here: Manage the display of AODocs documents

It is also possible to choose between a landscape view or a portrait view.


New default email for workflow notifications

When creating a new workflow or adding a new state to an existing workflow, the default notifications now include the following information:

  • Document properties
  • Attachments
  • Related documents
  • Available workflow actions 

You can still modify the content of these notifications and remove any undesired information.

Use Google groups in the workflow configuration

It is now possible to directly select a Google group or a specific individual user to execute a workflow transition.

This will allow you to define transitions without creating a role first.
Learn more here: What are Worklfows?

Directly access the Knowledge Base from the administration page of your libraries

It is now possible to read articles from the Knowledge Base directly from the administration page using a small widget on the right-side of the page. If an information is missing, you can also contact the AODocs support.

Easily identify browser tabs

Browser tab titles change according to what you see in AODocs and include library names, AODocs views and document titles.

The location of a document is not impacted when reverting to a former version

The folder location of a document no longer changes when you revert to a former version of a document.

Learn more here: Manage document versions in an AODocs library

Bug fixes

  • In a Secured Folder library, the document name now gets automatically updated according to the name of the uploaded attachment.
  • Recently added workflow validators during the last workflow validation now receive notification emails.
  • The list of documents on a view is now automatically refreshed if you export, move, rename or delete a document.
  • If a user from a domain where AODocs has been removed, tries to access AODocs, he will automatically be redirected to one of the external domains he has access to.
  • Licenses are now listed in alphabetic order.
  • The “Document Creator” of a document created by an external user now is the external user.
  • Documents imported with the option “Anyone with the link” are now granted access permission by the library.
  • In a Team Folder library, if a user uses the feature “notify the user who has access to the document” then the link contained in the sent email redirects to Google Drive instead of the AODocs interface.
  • Document permissions are well listed when they are inherited from a workflow state.

Launch Details

Rollout pace:
Full rollout (domain per domain) over a few days from the 09th June 2016

All end users

Actions recommended:
Communicate on the new options to customize document views, see details above.


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