AODocs V42 Release notes

Dear AODocs users,
Please find below a list of the major new features, new improvements and bug fixes in AODocs version 42.

 New Features
 Bug Fixes
 Launch Details

New Features

New Domain Administration interface

Important: To access the Domain Administration you need to be a super administrator.

We are announcing a brand new Domain Administration homepage, separated from the library admin console. You can access it from the AODocs homepage or from a library homepage.
The following improvements will allow you to manage your administration settings more easily:

1. A global design makeover
2. An additional section for library management
3. Storage accounts statistics and management
4. Data export from the audit log
5. More security for your third party applications

Learn more here:

"Prevent from downloading" at the folder, document class and library level

With this new feature, get better control on what your viewers can download, copy or print.

You can now apply Google Drive’s “prevent viewers from downloading, copying and editing” option to all AODocs documents in a folder, document class, or library.

Learn more here: Prevent viewers from downloading, copying and printing

Set the language format for your workflow notification email

As an administrator, you can localize the format of the AODocs properties and dates in workflow emails according to a selected language. Users from all over the world can now receive easier to read workflow notification emails, with labels, dates and numbers formatted in their local language.

Learn more here: Translate and change property display in workflow emails


Guide your users with properties tooltips

In the properties tab, a description (or tooltip) can now be configured for all custom properties. End users can then mouse over a “?” icon and read the description.

Learn more here:

Note: Tooltips are only available in the AODocs interface.

Get more context with your related documents by displaying their properties

At the document level, you can now customize the Relation panel and display more information directly in the AODocs document.

The properties of the related documents displayed can be configured by the library administrator.

Learn more here:

Customize the document list view visibility

We are happy to announce the release of the most requested feature of our Community: library administrators are now able to select which users can see specific list views.

If the “Show in Library navigation menu” option is checked, you can select which "role" has access to the list view. The role list is configured from the “Roles” section in the library administration. You can also use a Google group

Learn more here: Configure List Views 

Version control UI improvement

The “Version” menu allows the user to find and manage the list of document versions.
This “Version” tab is now a specific tab located on the side bar of the document, below the properties tab.

Folder picker improvement

Clicking on the folder icon allows library contributors to move a document or a folder into another specific folder.
From the revamped pop-up, you can select the target folder in which you want to put your items. You can also create new folders inside the current library.

Learn more here: Move a document or folder into a specific folder


With this release, AODocs Legacy editor will be unavailable for selection in the class’ Editor.

- Existing libraries with Legacy editor will still work and keep the Legacy editor.
- Any new library will have the Configurable editor by default.

Bug Fixes


- Removing the value of a field in the view filter will now remove the associated filter
- The date format on the document and in the view are now the same
- When the user sets a filter and navigates back to the original search, the filters will now be applied to the original search


- Boolean metadata: The property value will be set to false when creating a document
- On checked out documents, the file upload feature won’t appear anymore

Library Administration have now the expected default description
Various performance improvements on check-in check-out feature
Various improvements in case of parallel transitions
Import status page is updated automatically
Trashing large number of files is better supported

Launch Details

Rollout pace:
Full rollout (domain per domain) over a few days from the 6th March 2017

All end users

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