AODocs V40 Release notes

Dear AODocs users,

Please find below a list of the major new feature, improvements and bug fixes in AODocs version 40.

New Feature

Create document with default properties values by using a document template

It is now possible to define document templates in your libraries. A document template can have default properties values, default attachments (only in Document management libraries) and a default description. Library users can then use the template from the menu to create new documents.

Learn more here:
Configure a document template
Create a document from a template


Allow groups to be added in person fields

It is now possible to add Google Groups in the “Person” field on your document.

Note: The “multi-valued” flag of a “Person” field must be checked to allow Google Group values in the field.

Learn more here:
Edit document properties

Dedicated section displays hidden properties to administrators

When editing a document as an administrator, hidden properties are now visible in a dedicated section, below the properties section.

Learn more here:
Edit document properties

Restricted contributors permissions

With AODocs version 40, if the setting “only admins can edit the root folder” is used contributors are not allowed to delete and rename files and folders at the root folder level.

Learn more here:
Manage folder properties in a Secured Folder library 

Hide specific workflow states from the workflow tasks

From the workflow configuration, it is now possible to define whether or not a state should be displayed in the workflow tasks of the library users. The workflow basket can be viewed from the AODocs library homepage.

Learn more here:
What are Workflows?
Browse the workflow tasks

Document editor selector is transferred to the tab "Document view configuration"

You can now change the document editor from the “Document view configuration” tab. By default, the editor is the “configurable editor” but the legacy editor is still available.

Note: To get the best user experience with AODocs, we recommend that you use the “configurable editor”.

Learn more here:
Discover the configurable editor

Use the document templates in the email to create documents in AODocs

You can now use the document templates in the email to create documents in AODocs.

Pre-existing email configurations have a template associated automatically.

Note: Template attachments are not duplicated when using a template associated with an email.

Notification email sent when a Document Management library is created

Sometimes the creation of a new library can take time e.g. when creating a library from a template that contains a complex configuration and a large number of sample documents. Starting in Release 40, AODocs will send a notification email to the library creator when the library creation is finished.

Learn more here:
Notification email sent by AODocs

Allow external users to import files into AODocs Team Folders

When an external user (i.e. a user account which does not belong to the same G Suite domain as the AODocs storage account, or a user account) adds files to an AODocs Team Folder, AODocs makes copies of the files and imports the copies (which are owned by the AODocs storage account) into the AODocs Team Folder. The original files, still owned by the external user, are moved into a folder located in the external user’s “My Drive” and named “My files imported to AODocs (domainName)”.

Keyboard navigation in the properties editor

You are now able to edit all the properties fields of an AODocs document using only the keyboard. You can move from one field to another by using the "tab" key.

Learn more here:
Edit document properties

Bug fixes

  • In some cases, a document’s workflow state can change without any comment being entered by a user (for example, in the case of a parallel approval by multiple users, or when the transition occurs automatically based on the values of document properties). When this happens, and if a notification email is sent with a ${comment} placeholder, then the ${comment} placeholder is replaced with a message indicating that there was no comment associated with the workflow transition.
  • The message recommending the installation of the AODocs Smartbar is no longer displayed in the embedded views e.g. views embedded in Google Sites pages.
  • In case of parallel validation, every individual validation will now be logged in the audit log (previously, only the last validation was recorded).
  • When a user imports a file stored in Google Drive with the parameter "prevent the readers from downloading” in a Team Folder or a Secured Folder, the option "Prevent viewers from downloading, copying and printing" is applied on the permissions of the imported AODocs document.
  • If a new workflow transition is added to a workflow state S, the new transition is applied to existing documents which are in state S (e.g. if the new transition is configured to move documents that have a specific property value to state T, then all existing documents in state S that match the defined value will be moved to state T when the transition is added).  
  • When reverting an AODocs document to a previous version, the name of the attachment is also reverted.

Coming soon

We are improving the look and feel of the AODocs library homepage and document list views. You can see a preview below. We expect to release it in version 41. Stay tuned!

Launch Details

Rollout pace:
Full rollout (domain per domain) over a few days from the 10th October 2016

All end users

Actions recommended:
Communicate on the new options to create document templates.


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