AODocs V30 Release notes

Dear AODocs users,

These release notes document all the new features, improvements and bug fixes included in AODocs 30, planned for August 23th 2015.We completely changed our workflow transition window.

This major change allowed us to:

  • List the document validators when sending it to the next workflow state
  • Manage document workflow transitions from notification email

Thanks to this modification, we will later add a new feature to the Smartbar to let you validate your documents directly from Google Drive!

New Features

Edit the list of workflow validators when validating a transaction

It’s now possible to edit the list of workflow validators when you are performing a workflow transition.
To enable this feature:

  • Create a role based on a person field
  • Define this role as validator of a specific transition

When a user will change the document state, he will be prompted to edit the person field. This way he can change the validators.

Note: if you already have a role based on a person field and the role is involved in a workflow, you can deactivate the feature by setting the field to read-only in permissions settings of the workflow state.

Image 28


Workflow validation from the email

The new variable ${documentActions} allows users to change the document state directly from the notification emails.

In the email, this variable is replaced by a set of workflow action buttons, in accordance with the user’s permissions. Clicking on an action button will open a new browser window directly on the validation transition window.


New variable for the workflow email notification

The new variable ${allComments} is now available for your email notification workflow.
It displays all the comments made during the workflow transitions.


License management improvements

To help you manage your licenses in a more efficient way, we made several changes to the Licenses administration screen:

  • The list of users is paginated
  • You can filter on a user’s email
  • You can delete several licenses at once

Image 4


New audit log section

The audit log section is now split into two sections: one for the admin containing all the logs of the library usage and a new one for the super administrators concerning the domain management.

Image 5

Only the following logs are displayed in this new audit log section:


The admin audit log section doesn’t contain those.

G Suite super administrator of the domain can be changed

AODocs needs to have an associated G Suite super administrator to work.
By default, it is the G Suite account used to install your AODocs application.
This Google App administrator can now be changed by another G Suite super administrator of the domain, directly from the Domain Management section of the administration console.

Image 14

Bug fixes

  • In the list view, you can now sort document by time and URL columns.
  • If you delete an attachment from a document in AODocs, it removes AODocs information from the Google Drive description, and the contributors or the readers have no longer access to the file. The administrators can still access the file via Google Drive search.
  • Create a document from an email: You can add the destination email address, which is used to create documents, in a Google group.
  • Create a document from an email: You can create several copies of a document if you send it to several destination addresses.
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