AODocs V2.23 Release notes

Dear AODocs users,

These release notes document all the new features, improvements and bug fixes included in AODocs 2.23, planned for February 5th 2015.

As you might have seen on the AODocs Status Page, you might land on a blank page when trying to connect to AODocs. If so, just access this URL: This is a caching issue on Google’s side and we are working with them to fix it.

New Features

 Multi Storage Account 

You now have the possibility to use several storage accounts to store your AODocs documents.


 Permission management in AODocs Files Server libraries

We changed the library security dialog, to make it clearer. 

 Interface navigation 

In order to make your experience with AODocs more comfortable:

  • We added new navigation buttons at the bottom of the list view so that you can browse more easily between result pages.
  • Moreover, clicking on the Library logo will redirect you to the Library homepage.
  • You can also right click and “open in a new tab” (or middle click) libraries from the library list.

Information display

We made few changes, to improve your experience:

  • Mime-type filters now display both Google native formats and Microsoft Office formats.
  • In addition, titles of Related Documents are now displayed over the full width of the screen.
  • Furthermore, in list views, we now display HH:MM in the last modification dates.
  • When adding URLs in property fields, they will be clickable from the document detail page.
  • We simplified Folder menus, the option “Set same permissions to children items” is now localized in the permissions window, as you can see on the third screenshot below.
Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.48.40 Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 18.48.43

 Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.58.36

Properties display

We changed the properties alignment in order to make the layout more efficient.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 09.59.36

Super-admininstrator visibility improvement

When an AODocs super-administrator will be in a library to which he does not have access as Reader, Contributor or Library Administrator, he will be notified by a message at the top of the screen saying that he might not have access to all the documents.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.11.29

Check In/Check Out

In your Views, you can now display the names of the users who checked out files in a new column type.


Bug fixes


  • You can now copy and send AODocs URLs to users of other domains. If they are authorised in your domain and have access to the link you sent, the right page will be displayed immediately.
  • AODocs now handles files with a title with a length of more than 500 characters. 
  • As a Viewer in an AODocs File Server library, if I don’t see some files in the AODocs UI, I won’t be able to see them in Drive.
  • Check In / Check Out settings can now be copied when creating a library from a template.
  • The document history has been fixed.
  • Previous version display for files in AODocs file server library has been fixed.
  • AODocs now better handles cases when a user or group has its email address changed by an admin. It also better handles user or Group deletion.
  • Some corner-cases where successive workflow transitions were not applied have been fixed.


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