Create documents from a template

As a contributor, you can create AODocs documents from templates if your library administrator has configured one or more templates for a document class in your library.

A document created from a template can have:

  • a default title
  • default values for its properties
  • default attachments (one attachment in Team Folder libraries and Secured Folder libraries, up to five attachments in Document Management libraries)
  • a default description

Learn more: Configure document templates


To create a document from a template:

1. Access your library homepage or open a view in the AODocs interface.

2. Press New and select a template from the drop-down menu.


Selecting a template in a Document Management library

Note: In Team Folders and Secured Folders, templates with attachments are available in the drop-down menu and templates without attachments are available in the document class selector after selecting the type of document to create.


Selecting templates in a Team Folder or Secured Folder

3. The new document is initialized. If defined in the selected template, the document has:

  • a default title
  • default values for its properties
  • one or more default attachments
  • a default description

4. You can change the folder where your document will be created. The default folder is:

  • the library root if you created the document from the library homepage or from a view without a folder structure
  • the current folder if you created the document from a view with a folder structure

Press the Choose folder button. In the Folder selection pop-up, select the required folder and press Select Folder

Note: In Document Management libraries, the Choose folder option is available only if your document class has a folder structure. 

Tip: You can search for folders and create new folders in your folder structure.


5. Press Save.

Note: You can't save your document:
- without filling in all mandatory fields
- if some property values are outdated or incorrect


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