Access AODocs without a G Suite or Gmail account

AODocs authentication is based on Google Accounts.

If you don’t have a G Suite or Gmail account and you want to keep your current email address to work in AODocs, follow this procedure. It describes how to create a Google Account associated with your existing email address. This will allow you to access the AODocs and Google Drive interfaces.

1. Access the following page: Sign up without Gmail

2. Enter your non-Gmail address as a Google login.


3. Read and accept the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 

4. A verification email is sent to your email address. Open the email from your mailbox and follow the link.


5. You are redirected to the Google+ profile creation page. Press No thanks if you don't want to create a Google+ profile.

Note: You don’t need to create a Google+ profile to access Google Drive.

Your account is now created.

6. To access Google Drive:

  • Press the App launcher in the top right corner.
  • Press the Drive button to access the Drive interface.


Note: To access Secured Folders and Document Management libraries, you must be whitelisted as an external user by an AODocs super administrator and be added to the library permissions by a library administrators.
Learn more: Manage external users

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