Check in a document: confirm a draft version


Check-out is an action that creates a draft version of an AODocs document. A subset of users can update the draft. All users who had access to the document before the check-out can access the main version of the document, in read-only.

When a check-out is manual, the draft is accessible only to the user who performs the check-out. This user can then authorize other users to access the draft.

Check-in is an action that converts the draft to a new version of the document. The main version becomes a previous version. 

Learn more: What is check-out / check-in?

Important: Check-out / check-in can be manual or automated:
- If a check-out was triggered manually, the check-in must be manual. 
- If a check-out was triggered through a workflow, the check-in must happen through a workflow transition. Learn more: Workflow example with version control.

This article explains how to manually check in a document that you have previously checked out and edited. The draft version becomes a new version of the document.

- Alternatively, you can cancel the check-out. This discards the draft and restores the main version.
- Only users with edit access to the draft version can check it in or cancel the check-out.
- You can't delete a document that is checked out. First check in the document or cancel the check-out.

1. In the draft document, press the Check-in button.


2. In the Check-in the document pop-up, enter:

  • a name for the version
  • a description for the version, if required

Note: You can’t use the same name as another version of the document.


The previous main version of the document is still accessible from Versions in the left panel. Learn more: Manage document versions in an AODocs library

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