What is AODocs Mail Sender?

AODocs Mail Sender is an AODocs connector that allows you to send AODocs documents to users by email. Recipients can be users on your domain or external users. You can send documents from any type of AODocs library: Team Folders, Secured Folders and Document Management libraries. 

Important: You must be an administrator of your library to use AODocs Mail Sender.

The email can include:

  • the email body
  • document properties (metadata)
  • the document’s attachments as email attachments

You can send any kind of attachment by email.

Google files can be converted to:

  • PDF files (default)
  • Microsoft Office files

Microsoft Office files can be converted to PDF. 



 With AODocs Mail Sender, you can:

  • send your document to as many recipients as you want: AODocs Mail Sender supports carbon copy (Cc) and blind carbon copy (Bcc)
  • insert headers, footers and watermarks in your PDF attachments, including PDFs converted from Google files or Microsoft Office files
  • group your attachments in a single zip file
  • split attachments from one document between several emails
  • include a rich email body thanks to HTML layout and dynamic content (MEANING?)
  • push back the email status to AODocs, like delivery date or opened date (MEANING?)
  • customize the sender's name and email address
  • change PDF permissions and set a password
  • change the reply-to email
  • create a dashboard with live reporting

Our services team will be able to help you configure AODocs Mail Sender for your specific business case. 





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