Draft Tips and Tricks: Dynamic dashboard in the library homepage

This trick can help to create nice dynamic dashboards inside your AODocs library homepage.

You may want, when opening a library, to have an overview of what's going on in it: how many documents, in which status they are, who is working on them.


Here is what you need to do:

1) Prepare a view

In your AODocs library create a view with all the metadata you need to create your reports (you may want to hide the view from the navigation library).


2) Prepare a spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet and use the Google Sheet Add-On for AwesomeTable.

You can refer to the following documentation:  AODocs AwesomeTable connector for the details, but in the end you should have a spreadsheet like this:


The interesting thing with the extension is that you can have these info automatically updated every hour, so don't forget to use the option "Activate sheet auto update":


3) Create report and charts

At this point you can create any chart you want based on the info in the spreadsheet.

I suggest to check the button image00.png in the lower right corner of your spreadsheet because it proposes nice charts.


If you want automatic counts or calculations you may create a pivot tables and create charts out of it.


I created 3 charts: 2 based on metadata and 1 based on the last editor of the documents (to see who is working on the library the most).

It could be smart if you store the spreadsheet within the same AODocs library, just not to be messy image08.png.


4) Publish your chart

Use the "Publish" option for a chart and remember to publish it as an IMAGE



5) Embed the picture in the AODocs library

For the rest, go back to the AODocs library configuration, and modify the Library description to include the images of the reports you just created, you can add the picture of the chart in the home page


Consider that this picture is dynamic, so it will change every time your library content is updated and as often as the spreadsheet is updated by the Add-On (every hour).


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