What is an AODocs document?

An AODocs document belongs to an AODocs document class.

An AODocs document class belongs to an AODocs library and defines a “type” of document in the library. Learn more: What are document classes?

An AODocs document is composed of several elements:

  • Attachment(s)
  • System properties
  • Description
  • Custom properties
  • Relations
  • Workflow state

Attachments are files stored in Google Drive owned by the AODocs storage account.

System properties are automatically generated by the system:

  • Creation date
  • Last update
  • Author
  • Last updater
  • Library
  • Class

Note: You can't modify system properties.

An AODocs document can be considered as an envelope containing the following elements. Depending on your library type, some elements are available, mandatory or optional.

  • Description is a rich text field that can include images and formatted text.
  • Custom properties are fields configured at the document class level to provide custom information about the document. They are also called metadata.
    Learn more: Configure custom properties
  • Relations are links created between documents of the same library.
    Learn more: Configure relations
  • Workflow state is a step of the workflow of the document class. If a workflow is defined, every document of the class has a workflow state. The workflow state changes depending on the workflow transitions.
    Learn more: Step 2: Configuration — Create workflow states

AODocs document structure for each type of library

There are three types of library:

  • Team Folder
  • Secured Folder
  • Document Management library

Each has specificities which affect the structure of an AODocs document.


Team Folder library:
All the documents in a Team Folder have the same custom properties and workflow. Team Folder libraries have only one document class.

Team folder documents do not have relations.



Team Folder and Secured Folder libraries:
Team Folder and Secured Folder documents have one attachment. This means that an AODocs document contains exactly one Google Drive file.
The title of the AODocs document and the attachment are the same.

dms_xxhdpi.png Document Management library:
For documents in Document Management libraries, attachments are optional and can be multiple. This means that an AODocs document can have zero, one or more attachments.

You can't browse AODocs documents in the Google Drive interface, only through the AODocs interface.

Attachments of AODocs documents can be accessed through Google Drive through the search bar, the Recent, Starred, and Shared with me sections, but they aren't located in a folder structure.


For all libraries:
The only element that is always mandatory in an AODocs document is the system properties.

Description, Custom properties, Relations and Workflow states are optional elements. They can be defined by the library administrator but are not mandatory for the document to exist.

The following diagram represents the specificities of the AODocs documents in the different libraries:


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