Configure data validation for custom properties

As a library administrator, you can configure data validation rules for custom properties. This ensures that the values entered by users follow the conventions specific to your organization.

You can configure data validation for properties with the following field types:



1. Open the library administration interface.

2. Select Document classes and select the required document class.

3. Press Settings next to the required custom property. 


Data validation on Integer and Decimal properties

Integer and Decimal type properties can have the following data validation rules:

  • Unbounded (no data validation)
  • Greater than
  • Less than
  • In range

The following configuration restricts the field to a value that is greater than zero and less than or equal to one million.


Data validation on Person properties

You can restrict Person type properties to users who are defined in a role or group. This means that only users belonging to a role or group can be specified for the property.

Note: When end-users define a value for the property field, the autocomplete is restricted to users belonging to the group or role defined in the Restricted to field.

The following configuration restricts the field Manager to users belonging to the library’s Director role.


If the document editor enters a person who doesn’t match the restriction, the message defined in the Error message to display field appears in red in the user interface.


Tip: Use the Description and Error message to display fields to to guide users on the values to enter.


Data validation on String properties

You can configure String type properties to force users to enter text following a certain pattern. This pattern is defined using a regular expression. Regular expressions allow you to define the content and format of the string.

The following configuration forces the field to follow the regular expression: [A-Z]{3}-\d{5}
This corresponds to three capital letters and five digits, separated by a hyphen.


If the document editor enters a string that doesn’t match the regex (regular expression) the message defined in the Error message to display field appears in red in the interface:



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