Manage the display of AODocs documents

As a library administrator, you can customize the look and structure of the documents in your library. This is done at the document class level.

The document display settings define how the Properties panel is displayed in documents.

This article explains how to:

Access the document display settings
Define the orientation of the page
Select sections to display for the current and previous versions
 Select relations to display and define their order


Example of a Properties panel in a library:


Access the document display settings

1. Open the library administration interface

2. Select the class you want to configure under Document classes.

3. Select the Document view configuration tab.

Define the orientation of the page

Documents can have one of the following orientations:

  • Portrait: the width of the document is set to 850 pixels maximum
  • Landscape: the width of of document is adapted to the browser page


Select sections to display for the current and previous versions

For both the current version and previous versions of documents, you can configure which sections of a document to display.

Tips: For some business cases, the previous versions should display fewer sections than the current version, as they can be considered as inactive. For example, workflows or relations can become irrelevant for previous versions.

By default, the sections are displayed in this order:

  • Info: displays general information such as the name of the library, the document class, who created the document and when, and who made the last update and when
  • Workflow: shows the current workflow state
  • Properties: lists the custom properties defined in the document
  • Attachments: lists the document's attachments

Note: The Attachments section is available only for Document Management libraries. 

  • Relations: lists the related documents of the current document
  • Description: displays the description of the document


1. To configure the display of current version, update the panels under Order of sections for the current version.
The customize the display of previous versions, update the panels under Order of sections for the previous versions.

2. For both the current version and the previous versions, select which sections to display and in which order.

  • To add a section, select it in the left panel and use the right arrow to move it to the right panel.
  • To remove a section, select it in the right panel and use the left arrow to move it to the left panel.

Note: If you remove the Attachments section, you won't be able to add or delete attachments in your library.

  • To change the order of the sections, select a section and use the up and down arrows.

Tip: You can also drag and drop sections to change the order.

Select relations to display and define their order



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