Manage the retention period of deleted files

The retention period is the amount of time a file is kept in the library trash after being removed from a library. When a file has been in the library trash for the number of days defined by the retention period, the file is then permanently deleted from the AODocs library within 24 hours. 

1. As a library administrator, access your AODocs library on Google Drive. 

2. Press the gear button and select Security center.


3. In the Security center window, select the General tab.

4. In the Trash retention section, slect the appropriate option. By default, files are retained in the library trash for 30 days and then deleted. 


5. To set up a different retention period from the default 30 days, go to the AODocs library administration. Learn more: Manage the retention period of deleted documents.

Note: If you set up a different retention period in the AODocs library administration, the Security center in Google Drive will still display 30 days. However, the retention applied to the library is the one defined in the AODocs library administration.

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