Manage locked documents

Locked documents are documents that can't be accessed or edited by users who have the permissions to do so.

In some situations when users are performing actions on AODocs documents or files, AODocs locks the items to avoid conflict with actions by other users. Documents are locked by AODocs in the following situations:

Note: The check-out feature uses a different type of lock, so checked out documents aren't displayed here.

1. Open the library administration interface.

2. Select Locked documents. A list of the documents that are currently locked is displayed. 

For each document you can see:

  • the Document ID and the Title of the document
  • the Expiration column: the date and time the lock will be released automatically
  • the Lock Owner column: the user who has locked the document


3. To release a locked document, press Release.

Note: When you release a document, the user who locked it is not notified of the change.

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