Apply labels to libraries

As a library administrator, to better organize the libraries on your AODocs homepage, you can tag your libraries with labels. These labels allow users to browse or filter the list of libraries displayed on the homepage. 

1. As a library administrator, you can see a gear button on the library card on the AODocs homepage. Press the gear button and select Manage library labels.

2. In the Labels pop-up, select one or more labels to apply, by pressing the checkboxes. You can use the search box to filter the labels displayed.

3. Press Save.

Note: To create new labels, you need to be a super administrator. 
Learn more: Manage your library labels


On the left side of the AODocs homepage, users can see the full list of labels. They can select a label to filter the list of libraries. This filter is combined with the toggles at the top of the screen to select which types of library to display and the sort order.

Learn more: Access an existing library

Filtering the list of libraries displayed on the AODocs homepage

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