AODocs Smartbar V4.1 Release notes

Please find below a list of the major new features, improvements and bug fixes in the AODocs Smartbar version 4.1.

New features

Check workflow history from the document card

Now you can see the validation history for workflow transitions directly in the document card. In addition, you can see comments associated with each validation.

Permanently remove your deleted files

You used to only be able to restore deleted documents from the library trash. Now, you can also permanently remove documents using the new “Permanently delete AODocs file” button.

Learn more here: Display, restore, or delete files from the trash

Note: If you permanently remove a file, it will not be possible to restore it.


Bug Fixes

  • In a Team Folder, it is now always possible to add a user with “Can comment” permission on a document.
  • When you edit your library permissions, it is now possible to add a Google group from the suggestion list.
  • Mac users can now open several Microsoft Office files at the same time.
  • You can now give access permissions to external users on your libraries directly from Google Drive, just like before from the AODocs interface.

Coming soon

Easily see if documents are awaiting your approval

As a Smartbar user, you will now see a count associated with the workflow icon letting you know how many documents waiting for an action from you.

How can we improve your Google Drive experience?

In order for us to get feedback on which features you would like to see in the future, please access the following forum AODocs in Google Drive (Smartbar) Feature requests.

On this forum, you can vote for already proposed improvements, comment, or make your own feature proposal. The current list is based on the requests we received through the support, sales and projects teams.

Selecting which features I would like to see in Google Drive




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