AODocs Smartbar V9.0 Release notes

Dear Smartbar user,

We’re pleased to announce a new version of the Smartbar extension (V9.0).

The Smartbar supports the latest five versions of Google Chrome. So after this release, only Chrome version 65 or above will be supported.

Please note that this means that the extension will no longer update if it is already installed and the Chrome browser version is lower than 65.

With this release, we started to add some conversion options for the body and the attachments in the Smartbar in Gmail feature. You can now save the original email when importing an email into AODocs from Gmail.

Save the original email when importing an email from Gmail into AODocs

To easily and quickly save your emails in AODocs, you can now save the original email in MIME format as an .eml file.

With this option, you can save the original email (headers, body and attachments) as a single AODocs attachment. You can then reopen the entire email using email clients like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.


In AODocs you can:

Bug fix

The Smartbar is available again in the standalone Drive file preview.

Coming soon

We’re working on the following features for the Smartbar in Gmail:

  • Copy email fields from Gmail into tagged AODocs document properties in Document Management libraries
  • Convert the body as a PDF attachment when importing an email into AODocs.
  • Import the attachments in a zip archive when importing an email into AODocs. 

Launch details

Version 9.0 will be rolling out on 23 October 2018.

Have a new feature idea or request for AODocs? Continue to share your ideas in our community.

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