AODocs Smartbar V8.0 Release notes

Dear Smartbar user,

We're pleased to announce a new version of the Smartbar extension (V8.0), planned to be rolled out on 8 August 2018.

The Smartbar supports the latest five versions of Google Chrome. So after this release, only Chrome version 63 or above will be supported.

Please note that this means that the extension will no longer update if it is already installed and the Chrome browser version is lower than 63.

With this release, the Smartbar takes a new turn in terms of design and feature improvements! We reviewed the design of all our dialogs, including the ones used for the Gmail feature and our feature tours.

We also started revamping the Gmail feature and you can now choose a recent location when importing an email into AODocs. We know that many of you are waiting for this new feature and we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Choose a recent location when importing an email into AODocs

To import your email into AODocs, you can now choose a recent location from your last five destinations used. For Team Folders and Secured Folders, you can choose recent destinations with their subfolder paths.

Each time you launch an import, the destination used becomes the first proposal in the drop-down menu that lists recent locations.


We’ve revamped the entire import dialog to integrate a stepper and prepare for upcoming features, for example the conversion of attachments (planned for the next release).

New Smartbar design

We’ve aligned style of the Smartbar dialogs with the new styles used in the Google Drive and AODocs interfaces. In this release, all our dialogs have been redesigned:


Finally, as our feature tours are the first interaction we have with new customers, we’ve revamped them and made them easier to understand.


Bug fixes

  • When importing an email body in plain text format into AODocs, the formatting is now preserved.
  • The Share button is no longer duplicated when opening a Google Doc.
  • Visual effects and messages are properly managed when a user doesn’t have the permissions to delete an entire folder.
  • The More Actions menu available on files in Secured Folders is no longer empty after reloading the Smartbar - it contains options to copy and convert.
  • We’ve fixed some visual effects when using the Smartbar inline buttons.

Coming soon

We’re working on the following features:

  • Smartbar in Gmail: be able to convert the body and attachments when importing an email into AODocs
  • Display in the file preview the breadcrumb and for Document Management libraries the list of attachments.

Launch details

Version 8.0 will be rolling out on 8 August 2018.

Have a new feature idea or request for AODocs? Continue to share your ideas in our community. 

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