Configure a connection between Workplace Group and AODocs library

With the AODocs connector installed, you can create a bridge between a Workplace Group and an AODocs Document Management Library. Once the connection is done, every post in Workplace will trigger the creation of the corresponding document in AODocs with all the content of the post stored in the document properties. Furthermore, the document is synchronized with the post with any new comments or post edits.

Additionally, you can configure the connector to automatically post a comment on the original post once the AODocs document reaches a specific workflow state.

You need to have configured your AODocs domain in the Workplace connector.

Identify the Workplace Group to connect
Configure your AODocs library
Configure the connection
Test the connection

Identify the Workplace group to connect

From Workplace, enter the group you would like to connect to an AODocs library.

Once in the Workplace group, identify in the URL the ID of the group.

The ID of the Group is an integer listed after ...groups/ (in bold above).


Tip: Keep this ID, you will use it when you configure the connection.

Configure your AODocs library

Configure the AODocs library to be able to receive the data sent by the connector.

1. Identify an existing Document Management library you want to use or create a new AODocs Document Management library.

2. In this library identify an existing class you want to use or create a new document class.

3. In this library make sure you have configured all the following properties (they are case sensitive):

Property name

Property type

Workplace post link




Date of the post

Date & time



Note: The property Comment is optional and only used if you want the AODocs connector to be able to post back in the group when the document reaches a certain workflow state.

4. In the URL of the class configuration, identify:

  • the AODocs domain
  • the class ID
  • the library ID

You will need these IDs for the following steps.

Configure the connection

1. Open the AODocs connector for Workplace interface:

2. On the home page, press Add a new relation button.

3. Fill in the corresponding fields with:

  • the Workplace Group ID
  • the AODocs Library ID
  • the AODocs Class ID
  • the AODocs domain


4. Press Save & Close.

Test the connection

1. In your Workplace Group, post a comment.

2. Open your connected AODocs library. A new document should have been created.

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