Move documents from an AODocs library to a Team Drive

With G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise licenses, you have access to Team Drives.

You can import the files and folders belonging to an AODocs library into a Team Drive.

Google Team Drive limitations
Currently Google Team Drives have limitations which might block the import from AODocs:
- Maximum number of files: 250,000
- Folder hierarchy depth: 20 subfolders
- Total limit of individuals (direct members or indirect members due to Google Group membership): 50,000
Consider the limitations and known issues of Team Drive before attempting to import any documents from AODocs to Team Drive.

Storage account actions
The following procedure requires actions taken directly from the storage account. Connecting to the storage account or performing actions from the storage account is not recommended outside of the scope of this article.

Importing documents from AODocs to Team Drive will:

  • delete the library from AODocs
  • remove all the properties, workflow states and other information stored in AODocs
  • Replace or add all the permissions applied by AODocs on the documents by the Team Drive permissions

This article covers only the import action from an AODocs library type Team Folder library or Secured Folder library to a Google Team Drive.

Note: Document Management libraries don’t have a folder structure in Drive that can be imported into a Team Drive.

- The target Team Drive must already be created
- You must have access to:

    • an AODocs super administrator account
    • the storage account of the library and G Suite super administrator or Team Drive delegated administrator

1. As an AODocs super administrator, from the Domain administration, access the Library management section.

2. Search for the Team Folder or Secured Folder you want to import into the Team Drive.

3. Note the storage account associated with the library, to use in step 5.

4. Select the library, and delete it. DO NOT CHECK the option Delete the Google Drive files owned by the storage account.

5. Connect to the storage account you noted at step 3 and access Google Drive.

6. Find the root folder of the deleted library from the My Drive of the storage account.

7. Share the root folder with a G Suite super administrator or Team Drive delegated administrator.

8. Connect to the G Suite super administrator or Team Drive delegated administrator, you just shared the root folder of the deleted library with.

9. Find the root folder of the deleted library, under Shared with me.

10. Select the files and folders you want to import into Team Drive.

11. Right-click on any file or folder and select Move to.

12. Select Team Drive, navigate to where you want to import them and click Move Here.

If you encounter any issues or if you mistakenly imported files from AODocs to Team Drive, contact AODocs support.

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