Pre-Release Announcement: Smartbar V6.0

Dear AODocs administrators,

This is the Pre-Release Announcement for the new Smartbar Version 6.0, planned to be progressively rolled out from December 13, 2017.

We want to inform you in advance of the upcoming changes to the Smartbar, since they might impact your user and administrator experience.

This will allow you to prepare and properly communicate the changes to your team.

Improved authorization process

Currently, all end-users see both pop-ups below the first time they use the Smartbar.

image3.png image1.png

With the improvement to the authorization process included in the new release, we aim to:

  • make the authorization process easier at the domain level
  • present fewer pop-ups to your end-users to request permissions
  • prepare the ability to configure options at the domain level

Important: If you’re using proxies you will have to add the following URL to your whitelist:

New Smartbar Marketplace App

To make these changes possible, we created a new Smartbar Marketplace App. It allows all the authorization scopes required by the Smartbar to be declared at the level of your domain.

Depending on how you’re using the Smartbar, you have three options:


Note about the impact on external users:
External users who have granted the Gmail scope will have to re-accept the Smartbar permissions once after this release. This is because we now use the client ID of the new Smartbar app, which won’t be installed on external users’ domains.

You can already install the Smartbar Marketplace App.

With the Smartbar Marketplace App, all the authorization changes implemented in this release will be transparent for end-users.

Fully deploy the Smarbar extension on your domain

To summarize, to fully deploy the AODocs Smartbar on your domain, you have to:

  1. Install the Smartbar Marketplace App to manage scopes and permissions.
  2. Deploy the Smartbar extension for all your end-users in one go.

Your end-users will be able to use the Smartbar extension with no action on their side.

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