Export documents or folders from Team Folders or Secured Folders

Library administrators working in Team Folders or Secured Folders can export: 

  • documents to all libraries 

  • folders to other Team Folders or Secured Folders

– You must have library administrator permissions on the source and target libraries. 
– Different export options apply to Document Management libraries. Learn more: Export documents from Document Management libraries.

During the export:
Document properties are exported only if the configuration of the target library corresponds to that of the source library.
The workflow state (if any) of exported documents reverts to the initial state of the workflow.
Sharing permissions of exported documents and folders aren't exported.
Previous versions aren't exported.

To export a document from the document page select Export in the More actions menu and continue to step 3.


To export documents or folders from a view:

1. In your view, select one or more documents and/or folders.

2. Open the More actions menu and select Export


If the target library has a document class that matches a selected document's class, the document is exported in the same document class.
 If the target library doesn't have a document class that matches a selected document's class, the document is exported to the default document class of the target library.
Your documents retain any properties that have the same property names in the target library. 

3. In the export pop-up, select Transfer to another library and press Next.


4. Select the target library from the drop-down menu and press Export.

Tip: Your favorite libraries will appear at the top of the list. 


5. You can select the here button to view the progress of the export.


Details of the job status open in a new tab.


During the export, AODocs:

  • creates an export folder named Export - [current date and time] containing the selected documents or folders


  • moves the export folder to the target library
  • notifies the administrator who performed the export

Note: Other administrators and super administrators aren't notified of this action and don't have access to the exported documents. However, this operation is recorded in the library audit log.

Email notification sent to the administrator who launched the export

6. When the export is complete, you can:

  • Reload the view (if you exported from a view): to refresh your current view in AODOcs
  • Open export folder: to open the export folder in Google Drive
    Note: In Google Drive:
    – When you export a document, the document URL stays the same after the export.
    – When you export a folder, the folder URL changes after the export.


  • Go the the library homepage (if you exported from the document page): to return to the current library homepage in AODocs


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