Install the AODocs WebDAV client

- The AODocs WebDAV client is being deprecated. It will soon no longer be maintained.
- You can launch Microsoft Office on your computer using the AODocs Smartbar without installing the AODocs WebDAV if you're using Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 or above. If you're using a version before this, you're recommended to install UFO.

The AODocs WebDAV client is a small program (less than 100 Kb) that enables the AODocs Smartbar to launch Microsoft Office on your computer, when you open a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file from the Google Drive user interface via the AODocs Smartbar.

This client is for Windows. Mac users don't need to install the AODocs WebDAV client to use this feature.

Editing a Microsoft Office document

For Microsoft Windows users, if the AODocs WebDAV client is not installed when you click on the “Edit in Office” button in Google Drive, a pop-up will ask you to download it.

Learn more: [video] How to open and edit Microsoft Office files with AODocs?
Learn more: Edit Microsoft Office documents

You can also download the AODocs WebDAV client for windows here: Link

Open the downloaded file and follow the steps to complete the installation.

Note: You are not required to install the AODocs WebDAV on your computer if you don’t have Microsoft Office, or if you don’t plan to use the Open in Microsoft Office feature.

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