What are bookmarklets?

Bookmarklets are external tools stored in a web browser which add useful features to AODocs. They enable users to extend the possibilities of AODocs.

Bookmarklets are built on top of the AODocs Application Programming Interface (API). All actions performed via bookmarklets will respect the permissions configured in AODocs. This means that you can't perform an action via a bookmarklet that is forbidden in the AODocs interface.

Minimum permissions required
Install a bookmarklet
Launch a bookmarklet
Uninstall a bookmarklet

Minimum permissions required

There are seven AODocs bookmarklets. The table below shows the available bookmarklets and the minimum permissions required to use them, depending from which interface they are launched:

AODocs bookmarklets

Launch on AODocs homepage

Launch on Library homepage

Launch on a view

Launch on Document page

Launch in library administration interface

Audit Log
Export the audit log from a domain, a library or a document


Batch Actions
Download all sets of attachments of a document of a library


Document Export
Export the properties of selected documents


Metadata Copy
Copy a batch of properties from a source document to a set of others


Permission Export
Export the permission settings of libraries to which you have admin rights


View Thumbnails
View document attachments as thumbnails


Workflow Visualization
Generate a graphic representation of a workflow

Super administrators      Library administrators       Editors           Viewers

Install a bookmarklet

When you are in the AODocs homepage, select the bookmarklet you want to install and drag and drop the bookmarklet link from: https://bookmarklets.aodocs.com to your bookmark tab.


Installing a bookmarklet

Launch a bookmarklet

Go to the AODocs page supported by the bookmarklet and select the bookmarklet in the bookmark bar to launch it.
Launching a bookmarklet

If the bookmarklet doesn't launch, check that your browser doesn't block pop-ups. If the URL bar shows pop-up blocker icon on its right, press it and select Always show pop-ups from aodocs.com.

Uninstall a bookmarklet

To uninstall an AODocs bookmarklet remove the bookmarklet from the bookmark bar.

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