Use AODocs bookmarklet: Document Export


The Document Export bookmarklet allows you to export the values of properties for all documents defined in:

  • a specific view
  • all views in the library

You can output the export in a CSV file or a Google Sheet.

Supported pages and permissions

As a reader of a library, you can run the Document Export bookmarklet from the following pages:

  • a library homepage
  • a view

Run Document Export

1. After installing the Document Export bookmarklet, open a library homepage or a view where you have reader permissions.

2. Press Document Export in your bookmark bar. 

3. In the Document Export pop-up, select the scope of the export.
You can export the values of properties for all documents defined in:

  • all views in the library — if your library has views with different custom properties, only the properties common to all views can be exported
  • a specific view 

– If you run Document Export from a library homepage, the scope of the export is set to All documents in this library by default.
– If you run Document Export from a view, the scope of the export is set to all documents in the current view by default.

4. Select the format of the export: CSV file or spreadsheet.

5. Press Next.


6. Select the properties to export and press Execute.


Depending on the export format you requested, a CSV file is downloaded or a Google Sheet is created and opened in your My Drive. 

The exported properties are listed in a table where the columns are the name of the properties, and the documents are listed in the rows.


– The bookmarklet can export the properties of no more than 1000 documents at a time. If there are more than 1000 documents, the properties from the 1001st to the 2000th are written in a new Google Sheet or CSV file.
– Once the export is over, you can return to the first panel to change the settings and run another export.

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