Use AODocs bookmarklet: Batch Actions


The Batch Actions bookmarklet allows you to open, view or download a set of attachments from your library. You can open, view or download several attachments in one go.

Support pages and permissions

To run the bookmarklet, you must be at least a viewer of the library. You can launch the bookmarklet from:

  • a view in a library
  • a document page

Run Batch Actions

1. After installing the Batch Action bookmarklet, go to a view or a document page where you have reader permissions.

2. Press Batch Action in your bookmark bar.


3. The Batch Action pop up appears, listing all the attachments per document in your library. Select the check-boxes to the right of the required attachments.

4. Select whether to:

  • download the selected attachments as a zip file
  • open all the selected attachments in a single tab
  • open all the selected attachments in multiple tabs

- The Open in multiple tabs feature doesn't work if your pop-up blocker is activated.
- When using Batch Action in a view, only the documents in the displayed view appear. As the display options in AODocs are 20, 50 or 100 documents per page, you can only select attachments from a maximum of 100 documents.


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